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Cost-effective: Respraying kitchen cupboards is typically less expensive than replacing them. (In some cases up to 70% cheaper)

Quick process: Respraying kitchen cupboards can be completed in a shorter amount of time than a full kitchen refit

Customisation: Respraying allows you to change the colour or finish of your cupboards to match your desired aesthetic.

Durability: The new finish applied to the kitchen units will last for a long time, keeping the kitchen looking new.

Easy Maintenance: Once the process is done, it is easy to maintain the finish of the kitchen.

Sustainability: Respraying is a more sustainable option as it keeps existing units out of landfill. 

Enhance the overall look of the kitchen: A resprayed kitchen will look as good as new and will enhance the overall look of the kitchen.

Increase in home value: a kitchen remodel can increase the value of a home, making it more attractive for potential buyers.

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At Next-Gen Finishes we simplify the painting process for our customer. Using the best brands & state of the art equipment, we know that we can give your old dated kitchen a new & bespoke lease of life.

Protecting your home: Covering surfaces and surrounds and deep clean & degrease the cabinets ready for priming. The sanding process is dustless – we clean as we sand so no messy disruption in the home.

The kitchen painting process: We always achieve a flawless finish every time, by removing all doors and drawer faces. We take them away to spray in our workshop, leaving your kitchen functional for the majority of the process. Once the doors and drawer faces have been sprayed, we bring them back to site to refit and spray the final coat. At this stage, you may have to reach for the takeaway menu for a couple of nights.

Project quote: Contact us for a free & no obligation quote. With years of experience, we can advise on the perfect finish and colour for your project.

Fitted Furniture Spraying

Our fitted furniture spraying service combines the same techniques and systems as spraying kitchens but applying it to your fitted furniture, whether its built in wardrobes in your bedroom, a centre piece media unit in your lounge or a book case in your reading room, the options are endless but the finish is always same, flawless.
We are also working with a very talented local joiner, so if you have a fitted furniture design project in mind, we can help turn that dream to reality by not only having that bespoke design made to your specification but also painted to what ever colour you desire.