Dustless Sanding

Next-Gen Finishes has invested in dustless sanding technology, allowing us to paint and decorate your home without generating great quantities of mess. Unlike regular sanding methods, this system is healthier for you and us, it’s cleaner, faster and gives your home a better finish.

Next-Gen Finishes

About Dustless Sanding

Regular methods of sanding will leave dust flying into the air. This can stick to your clothes, floors and furniture, proving difficult to clean up. Traditional sanding methods aren’t particularly healthy, especially for those with asthma or allergies, it’s not a practical application in your home.

Next-Gen Finishes uses a dust free sanding process as standard. It controls dust by capturing 99% of the dust particles that would otherwise be released into the air by regular sanding methods and containing them in a way that makes them easy to dispose of. Using dustless sanding, Next-Gen Finishes can work in your property all day, without creating mess and ruining your air quality.

Dustless sanding isn’t only healthier – it’s also a better method for surface finishes. It cuts down on issues that might be caused by dust not being properly removed from surfaces in the first place. This method of preparing and sanding surfaces is rapidly becoming the preferred process for home owners.


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dustless sanding, a faster alternative

Prioritising a dust free environment whilst sanding, means that we are able to complete the job in less time than a standard sanding process.  Next-Gen Finishes are faster thanks to the efficiency of new electric sanders – reducing any clean up time.